Phytonutrient Core Facility Boston

Programmed Services

The Phytonutrient Core Facility (PCF) has served many Companies that have successfully marketed hundreds of types of functional food, phytonutrient supplement and herbal remedy. The essential strategy is to apply our good manufacture practice guidance (GMPG) and advanced laboratory techniques in assurance of the quality control. The 10-step GMPG tell you how to satisfactorily develop your diary supplements step by step through the following standard operation procedure.

STEP 1. Marketing specialists at the PCF will conduct a marketing analysis for contracted customers. The investigation includes two populations, healthy population and people with various maladies. We have listed most promising representative products for your reference. Investor of phytonutrient products should define which consumers should be targeted?

Acne, Aging memory Loss, Aging deferrable, Alzheimer’s, Allergy, Anxiety and depression, Anti-oxidation, Benign prostate hypertrophy, Bone osteoporosis, Cancer supporting, Chronic pain, De-cholesterol, De-toxin, De-eczema, Diabetes, Energy-Energy, Good circulation, Good GI, Good muscularity, Good sleeping, Immunity booster, Inflammation, Hair loss, Heart supporter, Liver supporter, Lung supporter, Renal supporter, KUB supporter, Men’s medicals, women’s medicals, Multiple vitamins, PMS, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid, Smart Brain, Weight loss, and others.

STEP 2.If you don’t have a formula for a new product, our scientists and pharmaceutical specialists help you to develop what you are interested and guide you to manufacture it step by step. Our laboratory techniques make your products to comply with the regulation of the FDA.

STEP 3. Phytonutrients include botanic elements, phytochemical compounds and herbal materials, which one you want to be developed? Phytonutrients are further classified into proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural substitutes of natural hormone (melatonin, plant insulin)? What you want to be in the formula? For choosing herbal remedies,Click-2.

STEP 4. Different suppliers of phytonutrients make different quality of phytonutrient ingredient materials. Even though ingredient materials are imported from the same supplier, the quality of ingredients may be different from batch to batch. Therefore, it is necessary to have the normal control standard to evaluate the complete nutrient profile, and the purity and content of active ingredients to be used.

STEP 5. Physiological functions, biological activities of active ingredient are evaluated by cell culture, content of protein, activity of enzyme, level of cytokine, expression of receptors, and other parameters.

STEP 6.Safety of diary supplements is the most important. The minimal and maximal working doses are determined by oral administration of active ingredient in the formula.

STEP 7. Microscopic Pathology and Toxicity Tests of phytonutrient product ,including cytotoxicity, apoptosis, and tissue damages to liver, kidney, heart, lung, pancreas, brain and others, are tested as correspondingly.

STEP 8. Pre-Clinical Study in animal models and Clinical Studies in healthy volunteers on functional foods, phytonutrient supplements, and herbal remedies can be coordinated for contracted customers.

STEP 9. The Core Facility is cooperated to GMP capsule-filling workshops that open to customers. The GMP workshop makes qualified products in complying with the FDA regulation.

STEP 10.Certification of the product and active ingredient, and marketing your dairy supplements.

10.1. Certifications of the product and active ingredient in the sample that are examined by us.

10.2. Guide you to design and make correct labels on bottles of functional foods, diary supplements and herbal remedies that must be complied with the FDA regulation for permission of your products to be marketed and sold.

10.3. Consult you to use professional and legal terms and safe-effective doses in the direction of labels, which reach clients’ expecting results.

The PCF offers the above services to make your products better. Your job is safely, effectively and profitably to marketing your products yourself.