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The Phytonutrient Core Facility (PCF) is a group of multi-functional laboratories for R&D of natural products.Click-1

The PCF is listed in the top 10 herbal research institutes by its first classic scientists, sophisticated modern techniques, restrictive quality controls, clinically proven herbal remedies, and excellent marketing credits. The PCF has served many partner Companies that have successfully marketed hundreds of types of phytonutrient functional foods, phytochemical supplements and herbal remedies.

Programmed Services at the PCF is for developing truly good quality of diary supplements. Manufacturers should first choose the programmed services in which the 10-Step Good Manufacture Practice Guidance has been described. It is a standard operation procedure and a general industrial pipeline for manufacture of all kind of natural products. Besides the above guidance each dairy supplement has its individualized and personalized technical parameters.

Customized Services at the PCF is for customers who want to develop phytonutrient products in their own formula and criteria, and they can selectively utilize our expertise and laboratory techniques and instruments. For example, analysis of complete amino acid profile, complete nutrient profile, the purity and content of active ingredient in a formula; bioassays of anti-oxidant, inflammation, minimal and maximal doses of active ingredient, clinical toxicity and side effects, microscopic pathologiy damages to vital organs and other laboratory parameters.

Special Services in Customer's Demands. Leading scientists and laboratory specialists at the core facility studied, trained, and practiced at Hanover Medical School in Germany, Kings College London in UK, and Harvard Medical School in the USA. Their professional skills are able to develop new experimental methods and laboratory techniques in customer’s demands that are unavailable in routine laboratory operation.