Phytonutrient Core Facility Boston

Customized Services

The PCF offers a wide scope of investigative services to meet customer’s academic and business projects. Customers who want to have the Nutraceutical Laboratory Test Services for their phytonutrient products, click-3. Customers who want to know details about Biological Laboratory Test Services in functional foods, phytonutrient supplements, and herbal remedies, click-4.

The below are available laboratory services that opened to customers who have demands of laboratory tests for their own projects.

Cell Culture for physiology, cell biology, immunology, proliferation and cytotoxicity of cells.

Elisa and Spectrophotometer are used in qualification and quantization of proteins, cytokines, enzymes, and their intermediate products and derivatives.

HPLC for complete amino acid profile, complete nutrient profile, and identification of the purity and content of active ingredient.

Microscopic Pathology with HE Staining is used for clinical toxicity test of kidney, liver, heart, lung, brain and others. Real time and time-lapsed digital color imaging and digital video apparatus are available.

Inverted Microscopy with real time and time-lapsed digital camera and video for study alive cells, cell proliferation and cancer killing test in tissue culture.

Immunochemical Staining for investigating specific antigen, antibody, and receptor in cells.

Confocal Microscopy for high definition color images of extracellular and intracellular structures, specific proteins, receptors, and cytokines in cells and neurons.

Scanning Electron Microscopy for investigating membranes of various types of cells. Magnification 5000x

Transmission Electron Microscopy for investigating ultrastructure of mitochondria, lysosome, nucleus and others. Magnification 5K to 30Kx

Cell Sorting for separation of different subpopulations of immune cells, cancer cells, hybrid cells, hybrid tumor vaccines and others.

Clinical Immunity, T cell, B cell, lymphocytes CD4, CD8 subpopulations.

Human Immunoglobulin IgG, IgA, IgE.

Bioassay of in vitro enzymes, antioxidants, Co-enzymes, and in vivo enzyme activities of liver and kidney functions in animal models. Other services inquiry the technical department.

Biomarker in alive normal cells and cancer cells; also in frozen snap sectioning specimen.